Jayabharatham Ayurveda
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  • Helps to heal the wound quickly and works well in chronic non-healing ulcers, cuts and fresh wounds

  • Application of murivenna helps prevent the formation of scars and boils in first degree burns

  • Reduces inflammatory changes in fractures, blunt injuries and contusions

  • Murivenna is beneficial in joint pain associated with arthritis, back aches and knee pain of varied pathology, shoulder dislocation, spondylitis and frozen shoulder

  • The phyto ingredients in Murivenna helps reduce pain associated with muscle cramps and sprain

  • Effective in treating discomforts due to deranged vata, pitta and kapha doshas


It can be applied externally over the affected area, either warm or at room temperature. Gentle massage after the application offers a soothing effect and aids in the quick absorption of oil. Application of cotton swabs dipped in warm Murivenna over painful joints and sprain areas provides quick relief. Retaining warm Murivenna over the lower back region (also known as Kativasti in Ayurveda) or other parts of the spine, for a specific period, is found to be beneficial in diseases affecting the back and hip. In ulcers, cuts, and burns, the mere application of the oil with soft bandaging (if necessary) promotes faster healing.

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