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We are looking for brands/organisations that understand Ayurveda and believe in the same, to promote it to the common people.

Read further to know about our facilities and services

We’re an medicine/ herbal cosmetic manufacturer based out of Kerala,  equipped to provide our clients with services from product formulation to brand building.

Our facility produces over 500 varieties of classical formulations like Arista/Asava (herbal wine), tablets, kwath (herbal decoction syrups), lehya (herbal jam) ,herbal oil, herbal ghee, capsules, patented formulations (53 items), herbal cosmetics,  dietary supplements (capsules, soft gel capsules, tablets, syrups, powder, granules etc) and customized formulations (as per clients requirement).

Export: We work with and export for sundry brands across the globe, our facility being GMP, ISO AND FDA registered.

R&D: Our research and development division ensures the quality of a product consisting of basic physio chemical analysis, HPTLC - test to check  active content of herbal actives in raw materials and finished products, ASL to check heavy metal and Stability Chamber Study – to study the stability of a product. We also encourage studies on product efficacy, actions and therapeutic values.

To set a range of custom herbal / Ayurvedic products under your brand’s collective mark and to discuss further on our white label products and services, get in touch with us :-

Email: info@jbharathayurvedics.com


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