Lakshadi Kuzhampu

Lakshadi Kuzhampu

Jayabharatham Ayurveda
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It is an Ayurvedic oil that gives effective results for those who have a malnourished body, lack of strength in their muscles, and are suffering from muscular dystrophy and are affected with muscle wasting. This medicated oil helps to improve strength during paralysis. Those suffering from osteoarthritis can gain relief with the use of Lakshadi Kuzhambu massage oil.

The Lakshadi Kuzhambu oil is also very good for those whose bodies lack minerals and vitamins. The regular use of this oil nourishes their bodies. Application Lakshadi Kuzhambu oil is to be used externally only and is not for oral administration which may result in diarrhoea, loose stool and gastritis.

The oil is to be heated slightly and applied on the whole body one hour before taking bath.


Improves muscle strength

Improves strength in paralysis

Effective for joint pains

Effective for malnourished body


As directed by the physician.

QTY: 200ML

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