Karaskara Ghritha

Karaskara Ghritha

Jayabharatham Ayurveda
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    • Relieves deep tissue pain and swelling assoicated with chronic inflammation.
    • Clears circulatory channels and stimulates metabolism.
    • Encourages optimum digestion and absoprtion in the gut.
    • Heals and nourishes degenerative joints. Imparts strength and mobility to joints.
    • Revives nerve tissue and function. Imparts stability and strength to the nervous system.
    • Improves quality and quantity of circulating blood. Cleanses the body of metabolic toxins.
    • Beneficial in curing skin pigmentation, chronic wounds and ulcers. Restores skin health.


    As advised by the ayurvedic doctor

    Qty: 150ml

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